Regular meditation helps you to develop coping mechanisms that enable you to deal with obstacles in life.

Jenny Petridis (Womens Health & Fitness Magazine interview)


female in seated meditation pose with wrists resting on knees, showing only torso and legsMeditation for me personally started with yoga. In fact the essence of yoga is meditation.  And meditation is yoga for the mind. When I began to practice yoga some 12 years ago, was when I discovered meditation.  To the naked eye, yoga is physical and I began to practice it for general health, but it soon became a spiritual practice. For this, I give gratitude to the wonderful teachers at Melbourne’s yoga center Dance of Life Yoga.

As the desire to be still and go within consumed me more and more in each yoga practice, I found myself wanting to meditate, to visualise, to breathe deep, to surrender, to sense, to create, to slow down, to observe the inner landscape, to know myself from the inside-out…

Creative guided meditation

Some time after, I began to facilitate creative visualisation classes in Melbourne in the early mornings to promote both calmness, positivity and also to ‘create your day’ with the power and intention of the mind and feeling of the heart.

Today, as I immerse myself into understanding basic neuroscience, holistic healing, the power of the mind and about the quantum model of thought and the universe – I use creative meditation to cultivate balance and a sense of wholeness within and for myself, and to create my day.

Why meditate?

For stillness, for connection to oneself and to the infinite field that surround us (where all possibilities lie), for balance and inner tranquility, for vitality, for energy, for a healthy nervous system, for creative nourishment, for manifesting power (with creative visualisation) and for mental-emotional-physical health.  The list is endless. I will also add: for reversing ageing. Yes!  Meditate every day and your telomeres (to do with your genes) will lengthen, promoting youth and. longevity.

Professionally, I meditate so that I can be a better healer for my patients.  That is, filling my energetic field with wellness and Light, and expanding my energy for connection to life itself. (Many of the concepts I talk about have been inspired by the wonderful Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Neville Goddard and many more).
The kind of meditation I do is creative, as you will find out on my audios..

In my work as a manual therapist, I see more and more patients who will tell me that they would ‘love to meditate, but don’t have time, or do it once and a while’. To truly get the benefits of meditation, it must become a new habit, a dedicated practice, even 10 minutes a day.

I invite you to begin today, with me…

Guided meditation audios

Below is a 21 second sample for you accompanied by images.
For best listening, put your headphones on. Allow some seconds for the video to stream.

Be guided to stillness and creativity

Join me and meditate creatively, with the guidance of my voice, using soothing and powerful words.  Guided creative meditation can be the path for many to start to meditate, without the pressure of quieting the mind into nothing. This can be intimidating for many, whether experienced or beginners.

The flowing and inspiring words with the healing and trance sounds of the Tibetan bowl will take you to that space: the space of calm and creative possibilities in your mind. This is the premise of the meditation audios available to you on this site.  Meditation can be fun, creative and incredibly powerful with practice and dedication. Admittedly it can also be challenging and frustrating, and for this reason I have created guided meditations that use comforting and empowering words to always help you return to a state of flow, calm and relaxed breathing.  You don’t need to force your mind into nothingness – it will naturally go there, into the quantum space, in time…

With creative guided meditation, you will be guided gently to clear the clutter and focus on your body, space and your ‘new’ self. This type of meditation is a beautiful blend of mindful meditation, creative visualisation, interlaced with some quantum physics principles and spiritual themes.

Each of the audios start with an introduction, followed by a breath meditation (the mindfulness part) and then the unique creative meditation that will open your mind to new possibilities and a tranquility that embodies wellness.  Finally, each audio will end with an awareness and return to the present moment.  The audios are all under 23 minutes, making them accessible to incorporate into your busy life and listen to them repeatedly.


Get started

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