Tom Bowen

Origins of Bowen Therapy

Tom Bowen (1916-1982) was a healer and used only their healing work in his clinic in Geelong, Victoria for 32 years before his death in 1982. He was a self trained osteopath and was reported to have been treating up to 100 patients in one day. Tom Bowen was a gifted healer. His method has been interpreted and given birth to what is now called Bowen Therapy.

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Tom Bowen treated many disabled children

Tom Bowen ‘passed on’ his technique through apprenticeship method – he permitted only a select group of practitioners to observe him over the years. They were chiropractors, an osteopath and a massage therapist. It is through these interpretations, that we have come to know, and continue to unravel the Bowen technique.
His approach was osteopathic with influences of oriental and chiropractic techniques (without spinal adjustments) and his peers in his time also considered him an ‘osteopath’ though not formally trained. Tom understood the body in an intuitive and remarkable way that is still being discovered and studied, notably about our connective tissue, the nervous system and meridian pathways.

There is much to still uncover about this fascinating and seemingly ‘simple’ technique that continues to change lives around the world.
Tom was not only a gifted healer, he was a charitable man who cared deeply for his patients.

Jenny’s teachings and practice of Bowen Therapy is based on the various interpretations of Tom Bowen healing technique. Her courses are for qualified manual therapists. Currently there are no courses scheduled as she is focusing on her practice with patients in Barcelona.

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