I can't think of a better word to describe Jenny's Bowen Therapy but WHOLISTIC..the expertise of her touch and the gentle realignment is rejuvenating. The effects are deeply impacting: : I felt the reverberations of this massage therapy for days, and became aware of my posture in a whole new way.

Liana S. Italy

What is a session like?

Bowen therapy Jenny Petridis Spain Barcelona MadridA typical treatment with a qualified Bowen practitioner involves the following: The therapist will ask questions for the client’s health history to proceed with the most appropriate treatment. An assessment is made and continued throughout the treatment, via palpation and observation.

The patient will lay on a massage table (or seated or side-lying where appropriate) whereby the therapist will perform the ‘Bowen’ movements according to the individuals situation. The treatment uses no oil or tools. Profound results can often be achieved, with few movements and few sessions. One of the consistent effects of a session is the regulation of the nervous system, notably the balancing of the parasympathetic system. It is not uncommon to achieve deep relaxation during a session, while the nervous system is calmed. Bowen is relatively painless, however at times there may be discomfort. Work is only on the soft tissues, with no manipulation of bones. Sessions may last between 20 minutes up to 45 minutes generally.

Post Treatment Advice

It is advised not to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, throughout your day/night.
It is recommended not to use heat or cold packs on the treated areas at least within 48 hours following.
Please do not combine other manual body therapies during your Bowen Therapy treatment period for four to five days.
If you are generally inactive / have chronic condition / nursing an injury, please aim to avoid suddenly doing vigorous exercise or strenuous activities for approximately 48 hours
Drinking sufficient water after treatment is very important!
Walk daily for at least 15 minutes

Please avoid opening your mouth very wide to bite; avoid eating hard, chewy foods e.g. apples, steak, chewing gum, nuts etc.
Be aware of imbalanced and inefficient movements after treatments.

You can also visit Jenny’s other website dedicated only for Bowen Therapy.