Along with all the positive emanations during the Bowen massage itself, in the pauses, Jenny’s ‘healing willfulness’ is able work its wonders.

Edward H. Teacher, Toronto


Balance and Bodywork

pebbles in a balance one on top of each other against sea backdropI have been a manual therapist for 15 years and the recent 12 years I have dedicated my work primarily with the Bowen technique, accompanied with complementary soft tissue techniques learnt during my career. (You can read below in my curriculum the list of courses I have done)
My experience includes studies and professional work in Australia and overseas, presentations and workshops at fascia congresses in Argentina (2014 & 2015) and Bodywork congress in Spain (2016). My approach is holistic and grounded – merging science based practices with the power of mind, body and wholistic views of healing. Balance is the key to all health.


When you want to learn something, teach it.

I am passionate about health and the body and thus continue to immerse myself in manual therapy continued education via my own studies or attending classes. In recent years, as I prepared course manuals to teach Bowen therapy (in 2 different languages), my knowledge and skill in the Bowen technique deepened. Training courses for Bowen therapy in Spain are currently suspended until 2019.

To read about Bowen Therapy in greater detail, please go to my other site about Bowen, HERE.

Yoga and movement

I have been a student of Iyengar-based yoga classes in Melbourne for over 10 years, and an advocate for integrating movement practices with manual therapy; also trained in Therapeutic Yoga, (Australia) under the expertise of Irene Ais, a wellknown physiotherapist and yoga and meditation teacher.  Recently relocated to Barcelona, I am thrilled to have found kettlebells training, a perfect complement to yoga practice.  Yoga knowledge comes into practice in my private consultations with the Bowen Technique to further assist patients in their healing.

My work and projects are born out of my passion for learning intelligent and holistic manual and movement therapies.


Meditating takes me out of my analytical mind, out of my external environment and transports me within: the space where change can truly happen. Meditation helps me to cultivate a sense of calm and quiet coupled with creation, which, through daily repetition has the power to transform me into a balanced Being of love and light. This is who we essentially are, at our very core, however our modern lives and stresses can veer us away from the natural flow and state of wellbeing.

I specialise in creative guided meditation.  Meditation has the power to change us – it can calm us so that we can flow with life rather than struggle; it can change us by transforming our old beliefs and thoughts into new ones.

About 10 years ago when I began a regular yoga practice and working as a Bowen therapist, I discovered the power of meditation an going within. Curiously, yoga was initially a physical practice, but soon became a spiritual practice and was what led me to meditation. As an artist with a vivid colourful imagination, I personally enjoy the creative type of meditation, where I can guide my mind through images to create change and induce tranquility. You can find out more by listening to my meditations, available for download and purchase.

A lifestyle

Embodying health, wellness and staying active has always been a priority in my life. Not as an obligation, but a joy and respect for the body and its remarkable abilities – our vehicle to experience life.

Incorporating three key elements in mind-body health has helped me to stay strong, balanced and healthy. They are: meditation, yoga and cardio/strength training such as (recently) kettlebells training or bicycle riding.


Achievements / Certification

Jenny Eleni Petridis
International Bowen Therapist
Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner
Meditation Facilitator

Workshop: Introduction to Bowen Therapy (Teacher) – Barcelona, Spain 2018
Introduction to Bowen Therapy (Teacher) – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
Bowen Therapy Course (Teacher) – Curitiba, Brasil 2017
Presenter at 1st & 2nd Fascia Congress (FASCINACIÓN) – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 & 2014
Presenter at IV International Congress for BodyWisdom Spain– Benicássim, Spain 2016
Pioneer of Bowen Therapy in Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro 2012-2016

Additional Certification:
-Intensive and Progressive (Meditation/Quantum healing) Workshop – Dr Joe Dispenza (online), 2018
-Therapeutic Yoga 1 & 2 – (Irene Ais) United Health, Melbourne, Australia, 2017
-RockTape® Kinesio-taping Course – RockTape® Australia, Melbourne, Australia, 2017
-Liberação Tecidual Funcional {LTF – Liberation Tissue Function} –  Dr. M Altomare, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016
-Applied Myoskeletal Workshops – (John Garfield, Qld AUS) Auckland, New Zealand, 2015
-The Importance of Symmetry / Continued Education for Bowen Therapy – (Graham Pennington) Warrnambool, Australia, 2015
-TMJ 1 & 2 – (Ron Phelan) Ocean Grove, Australia, 2015
-Advances in Fascial Research & Treatments – (Dr Robert Schleip) Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014
-Working with the Feet – School of Alexander Studies – (David Moore & Fiona Bryant) Melbourne, Australia, 2014
-Workshop – Level 1 – Australian Bush Flower Essences, Melbourne Australia, 2014
-Dip. Remedial Massage –  Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne, Australia, 2014
-Bowen Therapy Certification & Advanced Training –  Melbourne, Australia, 2005
-Thai Massage –  What Po, Bangkok Thailand, 2002